Accepted Articles-Volume 1 / Issue 3 / March 2015

Software/Hardware Parallel Long Period Random Number Generation Framework Based On the Well Method (IJAE_03_312)

T Punitha and K R Ganesh

FIR Filter Implementation Based On MCM Technique Using WALLACE Multiplier And Carry Save Adders (IJAE_03_326)

R.K. Mohana Lakshmi and P. Saravankumar

An Ensemble Classification-Based Approach Applied to Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation (IJAE_03_334)

N.Padmavathy and A. Rajan

Mammography Images for Breast Cancer Classification (IJAE_03_347)

A. Sahera Thasneem

Location Tracking In Underwater Sensor Networks (IJAE_03_348)

Suja Rajeswari K, Deepalakshmi V and Rani S.K

Adaptive Delta Sigma Modulator with Fifth Order Scheme Suitable For SDR Systems (IJAE_03_370)

H Dhivya and P Saravankumar

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