Volume 1 / Issue 2 / February 2015

Design of High Data Rate Checkout Systems

Kishore Pasi and Vasanthakumari U.N
Int.J.Adv.Eng.,    2015,  1(2) ,  pp 37-38     ♦    DOI:      Fulltext        ♦     Article Views:    

Enhancing the Images from Endoscopic Camera Using TV-Image Decomposition

B.Jamlee Ludes and Suresh R. Norman
Int.J.Adv.Eng.,    2015,  1(2) ,  pp 39-44     ♦    DOI:      Fulltext        ♦     Article Views:    

Simulation of characteristics of impulse voltage generator for testing of equipment using Matlab Simulink

Devarajan.M and Premi.V
Int.J.Adv.Eng.,    2015,  1(2) ,  pp 45-50     ♦    DOI:      Fulltext        ♦     Article Views:    

A Survey of various Handover Techniques and Performance Analysis in Mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16m Standard

Mayuranathan M and G. Akilandasowmya
Int.J.Adv.Eng.,    2015,  1(2) ,  pp 51-59     ♦    DOI:      Fulltext        ♦     Article Views:    

Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images: An Efficient Framework

An Enhanced data Anonymization technique to Preserve Privacy in big data

Deepalakshmi V, Mayuranathan M and Balasubramani
Int.J.Adv.Eng.,    2015,  1(2) ,  pp 66-71     ♦    DOI:      Fulltext        ♦     Article Views:    

Implementation of Automated gas leakage monitoring system using ZIGBEE

Md Danish Akhter, S K Indumathi and J S Prasath
Int.J.Adv.Eng.,    2015,  1(2) ,  pp 72-77     ♦    DOI:      Fulltext        ♦     Article Views:    

Fall Detection System For Elderly Person Monitoring Using GSM Network

S. Manigandan and Suresh R. Norman
Int.J.Adv.Eng.,    2015,  1(2) ,  pp 78-83     ♦    DOI:      Fulltext        ♦     Article Views:    

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